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The best frames available just got better!!! Now assembled in 9 1/8" and 6 1/4" with wax-coated Plasticell®.

Our large e-Store has all your Woodenware and hive-related items. We have everything the beekeeper might need in their day-to-day operations. Some of our most popular categories range from Frames to Bottoms and Covers to Foundations to Hobby Kits.

For your Varroa mite control, we are proud to be able to offer Apivar® and Apiguard C/10®. These are just two of the fine products you can find in our extensive Bee Pharmacy.

Watch video detailing Varroa mite - Apivar application process

Watch video detailing Foulbrood - Tylan remediation process

Watch video detailing Nosema - Fumigillan-B treatment

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Check out our Ultimate Hobby Kit!!

$275 (unassembled)

bee hive hobby honeybee honey woodenware Apivar MT Montana ID WA OR CA

$350 (assembled)

Kit includes: Two brood chambers, two supers, suit, gloves, smoker, feeder, frames, queen excluder, cover, bottom, hive tool and more. Over $350 (unassembled) if ordered separately.