The History of Western Bee Supplies, Inc.

Western Bee Supplies has been meeting the needs of beekeepers since 1965.

Western Bee Supplies, Inc. is pleased to be able to serve all levels of beekeeping from the beginner to the largest of commercial beekeepers. The beekeeping industry has and still is going through many changes. Western Bee has ridden those cycles along with you since 1965 and look forward to serving you for the next 50+ years. We are proud to be a partner in your business endeavors – working together and providing you with the best products on the market.

Western Ponderosa Pine is the source of our products. It allows us to produce the finest woodenware available on the market – yesterday, today and into the future. Quality and factory warehouse prices have always been our trademarks. For those requiring a more moisture-resistant cover or bottom, we utilize Western Inland Cedar, which has less tendency to warp and rot.  Unlike certain competitors, we do not import wood or woodenware from foreign countries such as China and Argentina.

Besides providing you with the highest quality woodenware available, Western Bee stocks most everything the beekeeper needs. From containers of all shapes and sizes to foundation to bee medications to extractors, our e-Store has it all.

Western Bee has also expanded into markets to help stabilize our workforce year-around. In the mid-80’s into the early 90’s, we manufactured wooden toys for the Playskool and TootsieToy toy lines. Products included Cobbler Benches, Building Blocks, and Desk Tops. Since the early 90’s, we have provided clear pine cut stock to finger-joint manufacturers on a regular basis, and started manufacturing wood pellets from scrap wood not usable for bee supplies. We currently ship wood pellets all over Montana, Idaho, eastern Washington, western North Dakota, Alberta and British Columbia. More recently, we started producing shaving bales used in horse stalls and livestock trailers, dog kennels, etc. It’s just another way we are watching out for our environment by utilizing renewable resources.

Western Bee is located in Polson, Montana on the southern shore of Flathead Lake. We employ approximately 50 people from our local area.

Rick Molenda is the General Manager (22 years) and oversees the entire operation, with an emphasis on purchasing, human resources, quality control, safety program and customer service to our dealers and commercial beekeeping customers.

Tim Molenda is the Operations Manager (12 years), and oversees the production scheduling, process flow, shipping and warehouse management.

Vicki Erickson (24 years) handles the office duties, and most often is the one to answer the phone when you call.

Boen Couture (14 years) takes care of supervisory duties on the production floor.

Mike Dennis (6 years) oversees our maintenance department.