What is the approximate weight of a full ten-frame deep super of honey? What is the approximate weight of nine full deep frames spaced evenly in a 10 frame super?

85 lbs. and 85 lbs.

Are there any circumstances that would occur where a beekeeper would want to feed sugar syrup to a hive that had ample stores of honey?

Yes, we can think of four different situations where a beekeeper may want to feed sugar syrup.

  1. To stimulate brood production,
  2. To medicate
  3. To prevent the bees from opening cells in comb honey production and
  4. To flush or prime a cell-raising colony

Does Western Bee sell bees?

For several years, Western Bee has supplied bees to local beekeepers/hobbyists in the spring. This is a one-time deal each year and we require customers to be here on specific day to pick up their bees.